Timelapse Basics

Now offering the best Time-Lapse solutions for the construction industry. Our bespoke timelapse system is unique to any other, offering up to 8K images, professionally edited. We use DSLR cameras on all of our systems to ensure the absolute best quaility of timelapse is aquired. Our system once setup, is remotly operated and monitored. Our customers have full access to the Live Client Portal provided with every camera. This allows you to log in and view youre project at anytime, from anywhere, on any device. No power at site? No problem, our timelapse systems can run completly solar if required. We offer two types of timelapse system, Mobile or Static, but which one would you need?

Mobile Timelapse

Towed to site on a, all-in one deloyable trailer. The trailer is dropped, out riggers or jacks are attahaced for stability and the 6 - 8m mast with camera attached is wound up to a vertical position. This option is great for short term projects or if the camera would need to be moved throughout the project.

Static Timelapse

A lattace frame mast, ranging from 4m to 12m in height is fixed on site using a concrete root base. The mast with camera attached is wound up to a vertical position. This option is perfect for long term construction projects that do not require the camera to be moved.

Our System

This is one of our semi-permanent masts. Mouse over to find out more information.

Camera Box

Up to 8K resolution Super High Quality Images


Lattice Mast to ensure absolute stability in harsh weather conditions

Solar Panels

200w Solar panels provide enough juice to last all year round


External antenna offers high reliability for images transmission worldwide

The Brain

The main box housing the solar power controller, power supply, brain and router, with added option to use mains power if required.

The Base

The concrete base ensures the mast is at one with the planet.


The SkyGlide CineVan


Time Lapse Showreel 2021